Temporary Building Design & Permit Submission

A definition of a temporary building is any building that is not more than 2 storey and to be used not more than a period of 36 months.

Examples of temporary building is any building used as workers’ quarters, a site office, a show-flat or show-house, a builder’s shed, store or other shed required in connection with any building works for a permanent building.

Outdoor sign and advertisements together with the supporting structures are also considered as temporary structures and must be submitted to BCA. A temporary building permit is also required before any temporary building can be constructed.

The temporary building application has a 2 stage process.

First Stage – Preliminary Approval

We will have to make permit application and submit building plans for approval. Upon approval of the plans and permit, the temporary building can be constructed.

Second Stage – Permit to Use After the temporary building has been constructed, the Professional Engineer’s Certificate of Supervision has to be submitted (Form BCA-CSC-CTSTBW). The Electrical Professional Engineer has to submit Certificate of Supervision in rspect to the lightning protection system (Form BCA_CSC_CSPLP)

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