New Build Structural Design & Permit Submission

Structural Design of a new build is the design of a new building be it a low rise detached residential to factories and large industrial buildings to high rise condominiums and offices. All these categories of building has different requirements to be satisfied in terms of buildability scores to BIM (Building Information Modeling).

All new building starts from space planning till meeting regulatory requirements like set back distances and maximum height restriction (maximum AMSL) above mean sea level followed by all the techincal department Development Control requirements.

We will be able to advise in the space planning and submission for industrial building. After which, we will look into the foundation design followed by the structural scheming , analysis and design. All the design will be put into drawings and calculation reports will be compiled and submitted to BCA.

However, there are traditionally 2 types of contract in the market which is the building lump sum contract or the Design and Build contract. We will be usually engaged by the owner or developer to do a preliminary design and prepare tender drawings for calling of tender to the building contractors which is usually called the lump sum contract.

There is also a possibility that we can be engaged by a contractor who is interested in tendering a Design and Build Contract for us to do a value engineering for them and come out with an economical and lean design to compete with other contractors who are also bidding for the building contract.

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