LTA Road Opening & Temporary Access Application

Whenever you require to do a road opening outside your construction site or create a temporary access for your site access, there is a list of documents to prepare for LTA submission.

Please screen through the bottom list of documents to be ready for submission. If you are not sure or have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

List of things / documents to prepare for submission

  1. $165/- cheque made payable to LTA as processing fee.
  2. A copy of the location and key plans
  3. A copy of the proposed temporary signage proposal.
  4. A copy of programme schedule of works
  5. One set of existing site photographs.
  6. One set of design calculation (Case dependent)
  7. A copy of LTA Site Supervisor’s Certificate (LTA registered)
  8. An original copy of Public Liability ad Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Policies.
  9. Method of statement of works involved.

Please note that Builder and Site Supervisor have to be registered with LTA’s Prompt online submission website

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