FSSD Building Plan and Fire Plan Design and Submission

In the current context for renovation or Addition & Alteration, there may be a change of space by for example adding partition walls or even a change of use in space subject to various authorities’ approval. When these changes come in place, the purpose group changes which caused a change in occupation load too. A change in layout in terms of partitioning also changes the compartmentation in the layout.

All the above context will change and alter how people in the premises escape and how the fire fighters are able to fire fight in case of an outbreak of fire. There are a list of code of conducts and practices which we will need to follow known as the prescriptive code.

For a more complex building with mega spaces and involves a huge number of occupants, it may require Performance-Based Approach which involves Specialist Fire Engineers to build models and run a smoke simulation to see whether it complies to the Fire Code.

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