BCA Periodic Structural Inspection

All buildings in Singapore is required to go through a Periodic Structural Inspection required by BCA. The purpose of the Periodic Structural Inspection is to ensure that the building remain structurally sound so as not to pose a safety hazard to occupants and public.

Duration of the type building required for inspection

  • Every 5 years for non-residential building
  • Every 10 years for residential buildings

*detached, semi detached, terraces or linked houses which are exclusively used for residences are exempted.

Procedure of the Periodic Structural Inspection

  1. Building Owners will be served a Notice for Periodic Inspection of Buildings
  2. A Professional Engineer will be appointed under Building Control Act under Section 28
  3. Appointed Professional Engineer will conduct a stage-1 visual inspection of the building
  4. Appointed Professional Engineer will submit a report to BCA with recommendation to repair defects.

*Please note that a copy of the latest As-Built structural plans is required to be provided to the appointed Professional Engineer by the building owner to evaluate the structural system and geometry. If no structural plan is available, the appointed Professional Engineer will be able to do a plan purchase on behalf of the building owner.

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