BCA Periodic Facade Inspection

All buildings more than 20 years of age in Singapore is required to go through a Periodic Facade Inspection required by BCA. The purpose of the Periodic Facade Inspection is to ensure that the building remain structurally sound so as not to pose a safety hazard to occupants and public.

Duration of the type building required for inspection
– Every 7 years for building over 13m high

Procedure of the Periodic Facade Inspection
a) Building Owners will be served a Notice for Periodic Facade Inspection of Buildings
b) A Competent Person will be appointed under Building Control Act under Section 28
c) 100% Visual Inspection with minimum 10% hands on inspection.
d) Additional Specialists like Gondola, Drone, Thermal Scanning & Facade Inspectors will be required to be involved.
e) The competent person will submit a report to BCA with recommendation to repair defects.
f) Contractor will be engaged to do repair works as commented or recommended by the Competent Person.

*Please note that a copy of the latest As-Built structural plans is required to be provided to the appointed Competent Person by the building owner to evaluate the facade structural system and geometry. If no As-Built drawing is available, the appointed Competent Person will be able to do a plan purchase on behalf of the building owner.

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