BCA Demolition Design and Permit Submission

Given the land scarce in Singapore, most of the new developments are developed on a piece of land with an existing building on it. Therefore, demolition of a existing building to make way for the new development is common nowadays in Singapore.

Before a building can be demolished, the demolition plan, procedure and Method of Demolition has to be submitted to BCA for approval. A demolition permit has to be obtained prior to the demolition submission approval.

Procedure of the Demolition Design and Permit Submission

  1. As-Built Plan of building to be demolished to be provided to and studied by the Professional Engineer
  2. Professional Engineer study the surroundings and the As-Built structural plan to come out with the ideal demolition plan.
  3. Precondition Survey is required to be done by the main contractor to its surrounding properties.
  4. Submission of demolition drawing and Method Statement to BCA
  5. Upon approval of demolition submission, demolition permit is required to be submitted.
  6. Once demolition permit is obtained, demolition can proceed.

*Please note that a copy of the latest As-Built structural plans is required to be provided to the appointed Professional Engineer by the building owner to evaluate the structural system and geometry. If no structural plan is available, the appointed Professional Engineer will be able to do a plan prchase on behalf of the building owner.

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