Barrier and Glass Balustrade Design and Submission

Works done near the water mains and sewer lines often result in damages to the services due to contractors who do not exercise due dilligence during their operations. These damages usually result to a loss of precious water and service disruptions which caused inconvenieces to the public. Therefore, PUB has developed a online submission system known as the POWS Submission for Qualified Person, Professional Engineers and contractors to notify and seek approvals for specific works to be done within the water pipe and public sewer corridors.

For manual excavation works for trial trenches, the submission will be automatically approved upon receipt of submission to speed up the process that are of lower risk to the water pipes and public sewers. Contractor, QPs, and PEs are however required to purchase the services plans to look out for existing valve chambers, water meters and other services. Works that are within the vicinity but not within the setback distance of <300mm diameter pipes will require notification of works to PUB in order to commence works.

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