Addition & Alteration Works

A new Building Construction project does not come cheap and it takes time to plan and comply to the authorities. Ultimately, it is usually the existing usage of the building which deters the demolition and the reconstruction of a new building. However, after the building has been completed and used for a while, there is usually a lack of space or the current space does not suit the current intent.

Therefore, most of the time planners are called in to investigate and plan for new and/or additional space to suit the current intent. The extension of the building is lesser than 50% of the current building area is usually call Addition & Alteration of building.

Addition and Alteration of existing building requires careful study of the existing structure. Some A&A require the existing structure to receive the new structure and the existing structure will have to be checked and redesign based on the existing structure provision and current code of practice to the additional loads it is going to support in future.

The existing foundation has to also be re-checked based on current code of prctice if it is going to carry additional loads.If the additional loads are too heavy for the existing structure and/or foundation to support then the we have to scheme and introduce new structure and/or foundation to avoid additional loads onto the existing structure which is not capable of supporting the additional loads.

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